BBC Gavin & Stacey DVD Box set 6 disks

BBC Gavin & Stacey DVD Box set 6 disks

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BBC's Gavin & Stacey complete DVD box set of 6 disks, and presentation box. 1. In the case of proposals 2 or 3, will there be any provision for additional...
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BBC's Gavin & Stacey complete DVD box set of 6 disks, and presentation box.

1. In the case of proposals 2 or 3, will there be any provision for additional fuel costs (travel to the new distribution hub), and /or staff parking?


Reply: No suggestions of additional fuel or travel payments have been discussed yet, but it is assumed by me (Adam) that these will be expected to be a normal commute expense to be considered when applying for the new roles, and may not be a claimable expense.


2. Can new posts be part time / job shared?


Reply: Yes. Positions will be filled by existing staff, and to FTE hours, so that may mean multiple staff members will fill a single FT post.


3. When will job descriptions be released, as without saying what each job role entails, it is difficult to suggest alternatives / savings / and, if hours or positions can be absorbed elsewhere..?


Reply: We do not have the job roles information currently, so cannot feed this information back yet, but will do so as soon as we have the details.



4. How will it be decided which proposed cost saving model will go ahead ?


Reply: A decision will be made after the consultation process, and when all suggestions have been fed back from the team/s, for review by the SMT.


5. If the proposed option 2 is chosen, would that mean a second round of restructure to obtain the end result for staffing on that proposed “model”.


Reply: There are no plans to make any further changes to the proposed new structure, so the aim is to make all necessary changes, within the consultation period.


6. Is the PA/Administration a senior management role? (as it appears on the senior management line in the restructure graph).


Reply: Unable to comment on that, at this time, as job descriptions have not been released, but will feedback that information, when it is available.


7. What will the application/interview process be when applying for roles in the new structure?


Reply: You will be able to express an interest in the new structure on your one-to-one, you may need to send an email to confirm your interest in a position, and this will be discussed in your one-to-one.


8. Can you apply for more than one role in the new structure?


Reply: Yes. Flexibility within roles will be considered when making your application.


9. Will shops just use volunteer staff (to reduce shop assistant staffing costs)?

Reply: As shop assistants do not feature in any proposed changes, it looks like there may not be any changes to current staff levels, however as a cost saving option, this will be suggested, as part of the consultation process. Volunteers remain a valuable asset to Rowcroft, but this option may be difficult to manage on a daily basis to ensure adequate / safe operating staffing levels.


10. Do we know how long the process is to leave the distribution centre lease?


Reply: No, not at the moment. Discussions with the landlord are ongoing.


11. Could a 37.5 hour FTE (full time equivalent) position be split between staff members?


Reply : Yes, a 37.5 FTE can be fulfilled by multiple employees.


12. Can you apply for all jobs in the new structure?


Reply: Yes, you can express an interest in more than one position, within the new structure.


13. Why are we not taking donations at shops, when other charities are?


Reply: We have applied a “targeted approach” to donations to avoid poor quality donations, and reduce the cost of waste and rag… There is currently a trial of “limited donations” instore at Paignton, and the success of this will be monitored, with a view of implementing it to other stores, if successful. Furniture collections, have also, now restarted, but are being monitored for quality.